How do I make sure that my Accountant acts professional?

  • All members are issued with a certificate of membership. You may request such certificate. Certificates are withdrawn upon resignation or termination. All resignations and terminations are published on our social media. You may request confirmation from our offices.
  • Our Code of Conduct is on the website. It is unprofessional conduct if the member accepts work that he/she is not qualified to perform.
  • Our members may not distribute or share any information of clients to third parties.
  • It is required that for all services, your Accountant must:
    • Issue you with an engagement letter that specify the duties that must be performed and what the responsibility is regarding such services. Engagement letters are issued every 3 years, unless the engagement has changed.
    • Issue you with a written quotation for the work to be performed. A member may not proceed with the work unless it is approved by the client in writing
    • Members may request upfront payment for the services that they need to deliver.

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