Can I do my practical training by NIPA?

NIPA does not provide practical training. We have 37 Accredited Training Centers in Namibia. Candidates that wish to enroll for training must obtain employment at any of these Training Centers.

How do I become a member?

Follow the route to membership: Trainee Accountants: SUB COMITTEES\MARKETING\NIPA 2021 Brochure corrected.pdf Trainee accountants needs to have an Accounting degree for admission and be registered with an Accredited Training Center. Practical experience must be obtained over a 3-year period. The training covers the Financial reporting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Corporate Law, Ethics and Taxation competencies. How do I become a member?

Does NIPA provide training to the Public?

Our Continued Professional Development (CPD) are presented to both our members and trainees and may be attended by the Public. The program is widely advertised on our social media.