The application must be able to demonstrate the acquisition of significant academic knowledge and practical experience.

Complete preparation courses

Applicants who have satisfied the academic and practical requirements of paragraph 4(a)(1) will be required to demonstrate their ability to apply their academic and practical knowledge by completing the preparation courses and/or examinations as prescribed by the Board. Preparation courses and/or examinations will be held once every semester, or such other frequency as the Board deems expedient.

Namibian residency

Applicants must prove Namibian residency, valid work permit or relevant domicile documents.

In order to be admitted as a member, the applicant must be able to demonstrate the session of significant academic knowledge and practical experience:

Academic requirements:

  • Financial Accounting – NQF 7
  • Taxation – NQF 7
  • Auditing or Internal Auditing – NQF 7
  • Cost and Management Accounting – NQF 6
  • Commercial and Business Law – NQF 6

Practical experience

  • Traineeship shall be no less than 3 years. The maximum allowable period for traineeship is 7 years, which may, upon special application to and consideration and approval by the Board, be extended by a further maximum of 3 years.
  • In a case where an applicant has interrupted his period of traineeship with any ATC for longer than 4 months, the time spent with any ATC prior to such interruption shall not be included in his practical experience. Where the interruption is due to the trainee furthering his academic studies on a full-time basis at a university, previous practical experience will be included provided the interruption does not exceed two years and the trainee successfully completes his degree during that time. The trainee is required to inform Edcom in writing of such an interruption in his practical experience.
  • The Board may, under extraordinary circumstances, recognize all or part of prior practical experiences if the applicant, in writing, can show the merit of why a break, other than for the full-time furthering of academic studies, was unavoidable.
  • Traineeship may have been served with more than one ATC. However, any period with one employer for less than eight months may not be recognized by the Board, in their sole discretion.
  • In a case where a trainee changes from one ATC to another, his traineeship will be extended by 6 months, for every change in ATC. Only upon exceptional circumstances may this extension of time be waived or reduced by the Board.
  • When a change in ATC’s is due to circumstances beyond the control of the applicant, the Board may waive the condition contained in subparagraph VI.
  • In a case where a trainee has served part of an ICAN traineeship prior to registering as a NIPA trainee, the time so served, limited to eighteen months, shall be counted towards his practical experience.

Upon successfully passing such examinations and fulfilment of all other entrance requirements, the Board may admit the applicant as a Member. Applicants who have not passed the preparation courses and/or examinations may reapply at the next available opportunity for preparation courses and/or examinations.


Membership fee structure:

Admission date 1 January 2022 1 July 2022
Application Fee N$ 300.00 N$ 300.00
Application & Evaluation / Logbook N$ 2,300.00 N$ 2,300.00
Annual Fee N$ 500.00 N$ 250.00

All fees are excluding VAT