NIPA History

The Namibian Region of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) started in 1992 with a small group of Accountants. Due to the dramatic changes in the regulations, the Namibian Institute of Professional Accountants (NIPA) was formally established in June 2007. NIPA is constituted by the members, to regulate the accounting profession in Namibia. The NIPA brand is used since 2014.

The Institute facilitate a membership body for persons engaged in work of a professional nature, including accounting, tax, business consulting and related services, operating in public practice and in the Commercial, Industrial or Public Sector.

NIPA  advance all aspects of the theory and practice of accountancy and contribute to the development and enhancement of an accountancy profession and enable services of consistently high quality in the public interest, liaise between members and relevant Government Institutions and co-operate with, and comply with the requirements of, all relevant regulatory authorities and other public bodies in Namibia

Corporate Governance


We are renowned for our integrity, competency and technologically advanced services to the business community.


To be the accounting institute of choice.


As an institute, it is our intent to work towards ensuring that we enshrine the following values in all our formal and informal interactions among ourselves and with our clients and other stakeholders.

  • Integrity- honest, reliable, trustworthy, credible
  • Ethics- principled, fair, just
  • Excellence- quality, superiority, objectivity, urgency
  • Professionalism- qualified, certified, expert, skilled, confident
  • People-centeredness-understanding, accepting, emphatic,polite

Meet the NIPA

Council Members

The affairs of the Institute are managed by Council, consisting of members that reside

in the Republic of Namibia. Council are elected from time to time as per Constitution.