What do NIPA members do?

Services that are being rendered to the Public includes:

  • Compliance Officers/Reports: Accountants review organisation systems, financial statements, accounting principles while assessing the accuracy of the organizations financial records. The accountant responds by issuing a report on annual financial statements and also act as Accounting Officer for Close Corporations.
  • Taxation: Accountants in public practice advise their client on all relevant tax matters through efficient tax planning, filing of tax returns, resolve tax problems, advise on tax implications and generally aid the clients with personal financial affairs.
  • Financial Management: Budgeting, cash flow forecasts, business plans and advice on corporate structures are skills that are delivered to clients.
  • Management Consultancy: Advise clients on the management of their businesses and aid them to be more profitable and effective.
  • Secretarial and Accounting Services: Design and implement accounting systems, capture and record financial data and assist clients to comply with various requirements of the Close Corporations Act, Companies Act, Income Tax and Value Added Tax legislation.

Some of the services that our members perform are

  • Prepare Financial Statements
  • Tax compliance
  • Record, monitor and interpret financial results
  • Advise and install reporting cost accounting and computer systems
  • Budget Administration
  • Project management
  • Capital expenditure
  • Compile and prepare management reports
  • Improve internal and production controls
  • Develop future plans
  • Perform the role of financial manager or accountant, financial director, treasurer, controller,
  • company secretary, cost and management accountant, tax specialist, internal audit.