A practice, as defined, may apply to register as an ATC to provide training for trainee accountants.
  •  The requirements for registration as an ATC will be determined by Council from time to time.
  •  Upon meeting the requirements laid down, the practice will be registered as an ATC, and shall thereafter comply with all provisions of the
  • Constitution, By-laws, Rules of Professional Conduct and ATC Training requirements.
  •  Where a practice or an entity operates from different geographical locations, every location must be separately evaluated and registered as an ATC.
  •  No member (or practice) shall hold himself out as being an approved training centre whilst not so registered with the Institute.
  •  The person in an ICAN registered practice responsible for the NIPA ATC functions shall be a registered NIPA Member.
  •  An ATC will afford the Institute access to its facilities and to trainees, at such reasonable times.
  •  An ATC shall be required to pay an annual ATC registration fee.
  •  An ATC will be obliged to pay annual trainee fees to the Institute.
  •  Every ATC shall, provide the Secretariat with a list of all trainees engaged at the ATC as well as the name of his supervisor / training officer.
  •  An ATC shall forthwith inform the Secretariat if a trainee member’s employment relationship is terminated.